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Red House
Community Ventures

Initiating, supporting and promoting community-led property based projects in and around Birmingham



There's a Red House over yonder

Wait a minute something's wrong, baby
Lord have mercy, this key won't unlock this door (something's goin' on here)

Apologies to Jimi Hendrix

Originally qualified as a chartered surveyor, working in development, investment and management, Chris Barrow has worked in London, Birmingham and central Europe. An enthusiastic, but essentially useless, guitarist, he also ran The Lampworks studios in Birmingham, produces the Brum Blues gig guide and has recently established the Blues Factory club, arranging blues/rock music gigs.

Being disappointed by the poor quality of the urban environment, the disconnect between the developers and the people who have to live in housing that is essentially created to provide a return to investors and the present political disarray as regards life in general in the UK, the present broken system requires new thinking to allow the people, the voters and the community as a whole to get more directly involved in where they live and work.

Our focus is


the 50-70 year age group; and

those in the creative/arts community.

Regeneration & Refurbishment

Red House supports and encourages community-led development to deliver quality affordable and secure housing and the provision of workspaces.


Current Projects

We are looking for anyone who would like to get involved with these project ideas:

A Community Land Trust for the Jewellery Quarter

Community land trusts – or CLTs – are democratic, non profit organisations that own and develop land for the benefit of the community.

They typically provide affordable homes, community gardens, civic buildings, pubs, shops, shared workspace, energy schemes and conservation landscapes.

Run by ordinary people. They are community organisations run by ordinary people who want to make a difference to their local community, putting control of assets into the hands of local people. They can be set up by the community or a landowner, developer or council.

Protecting community assets forever. They ensure that their homes are permanently and genuinely affordable. CLTs act as long-term stewards of land and the assets on it. They ensure that it is put to the benefit of the local community, not just for now but for every future occupier.

A world wide movement. Started in the USA, CLTs are now a worldwide movement. In both urban and rural areas, CLTs are a key part of the future of land, affordable housing and community facilities.


land trust

Local example of a Community Land Trust

up and running


On of the best examples of a number of community interests coming together.

west midlands

Support to make it easier for communities to build a lasting community led housing movement.

land trust

A movement working for a community land trust in every community that wants one.

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